Why India needs intralogistics solutions

Intralogistics Solutions

Why India needs intralogistics solutions

Swivel Wheel Sorter - Intra Logistic Automation, Inter Logistic Companies , E-commerce Automation, Warehouse AutomationMarkets have changed over time and the advent of new online E-markets has created a huge demand for Logistics Solutions. In India, only logistics cost accounts for more than 14 percent of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), whereas for Europe or Japan, the cost varies from 10-11 percent.

E-Marketing & E-Com Giants who use E-commerce Automation are facing issues as one major reason for the higher cost is due to manual warehousing solutions. This manual warehousing leads to lower utilization of floor and warehouse space, leading to higher damaged goods and higher operational costs.

We, Muvro , develop and produce intralogistics solutions for the transportation and traceability of products and provide you solutions in Intra Logistics Sector & E-commerce Automation is finding sudden demand rush and hence posing different challenges as per new requirements, since the E-Commerce Rapid growth in Indian Markets. The major chunk of the Intra Logistics demand is not being fulfilled even by the major players in the Intra Logistics Machinery Manufacturers, as sudden changes in technologies and custom requirements keep on adding up.

We are well known for manufacturing the Industrial Conveyors & Automation Solutions Providers with fast delivery times enabling you for increasing return rates and increased delivery quantities on short notice.

The automation Industry requires Flexible, Scalable Intralogistics processes with maximum reliability and availability and We at Muvro Technologies with vast Automation and Robotics experience have the most satisfied clients and repeat orders from Indian Automation Industries.

We provide solutions and we aim to change these old and unsafe manual tasks for humans with more intelligent solutions for challenges while delivering operational flexibility, efficiency, and scalability.